About Me


My name is Kathleen (Elunabelle) and I live in Scotland =) with my boyfriend of 11 years, our little boy and my furbabies.


My Interests

Animals are my passion and I have a good few pets at home  and am currently on my way into the Animal Care industry.

I really love Romance books – I am just such a sucker for a good love story!

Music has been part of my life since I was born and I couldn’t live without it or my books. I have a real soft spot for Country music and come from a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Music family.

I like to try to be good at everything. And when I say try – I will try anything crafty but I tend to lose heart quickly if it isn’t going right. No patience! But I do love baking, sewing and knitting =)


Why I wanted to do a blog?

I recently had a spinal issue which required surgery and although I am on the mend now, this went on for almost 10 months – So I was near demented with boredom! Until one day, I thought “I finally have the time to read.” and downloaded the Kindle app. I read 75 books that month and it has been my saving grace ever since.

I love getting lost in a little world where crappy things happen but through strength, determination and – my favourite – love, you can overcome anything.

I wanted to start this blog to review the books I have read so far that stuck with me through my own journey and help the authors get their credit as well as help you find some decent books! =)


Who is my favourite author?

Hmm… that’s a really tough one as there are a few new authors I am trying just now. I’m gonna have to say my #1 is A.L Jackson. Each book she writes just slams me right in the gut with emotion. I’ve never read a style quite like hers – it isn’t just generic POV romances, the plots are intricate but not complicated. I have to say that I love E.L Todd‘s writing. No matter which book of hers I read, I am immediately immersed and can relate to the characters on a personal level. Other favourites I have are Caro LaFever, Adriana Locke, Jodi L Perry (JL Perry) and S L Scott . Among others!

No doubt you will read about them as we go =)


A fun fact about me

I love watching Korean tv dramas (about love of course haha). Don’t worry! It’s all legal hehe. I just love the culture, the acting and the storylines.

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