Team Layla are go!!!

I’ve been waiting for Logan and Kayla’s story since #teamtraviola and #teamdrewtney!
I was not disappointed.
Kayla is my kind of gal. Animal lover to the extreme, loves to be there for people in need and is such a beautiful person inside and out.
Logan is mysteriously frustrating in the beginning because you just know he wants to take that step forward and how his side of the story is portrayed couldn’t have been done better. All. The. Feels.


When they do eventually get together my heart sung like I frickin disney movie. But I knew the cliffhanger ending was coming and tried to guess how KF were going to leave me desperate and hanging for book 2.
Just like Game of thrones… (no killing tho lol) I couldn’t guess the ending if I’d tried a million times.
I friggin love KF’s books for that. I never see the ending coming. I know I’ll be hungry for the next book regardless, but damn.

Team Layla are my favs ever and I’m not sorry to Traviola or Drewtney because I’m sure they’d understand… well maybe Travis might go in a huff with me but Viola will take his mind off it I’m sure. 🙂

Can’t wait for book 2!!!

E xx


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