Road-Tripped Review

Road-Tripped by Nicole Archer


Heart Rating 4.5 out of 5!!

I haven’t laughed out loud that many times in a book in a long time! Callie is funny as hell and I love her spark, vulnerability and loyalty to her friends and sister. Walker is just as awesome. Swoon-worthy and full of southern sayings that made me gaffaw out loud.

Callie just wants to get on with her new life, new job and be left the hell alone by grade-A douchebags. Like Walker the office bike.

Walker slaps a smile on his face and walks into the job he hates every day and can’t take it anymore. As soon as the next project is complete – he’s out. In the meantime he has to convince Callie that she has the wrong impression of him…

After an unfortunate turn of events, Callie is roped in to seeing the project through with Walker. Which she wouldn’t mind, but it involves being with him 24hrs a day for the duration of a road trip that she can’t back out of.

I am new to Archer’s work and have to say, that I was pleasantly surprised and honestly felt so invested in these characters that I cried, laughed and hoped with them. And laughed at them a little too haha.

The book also has a soundtrack – which I thought was awesome! AND if you buy the ebook (I had the ebook vers.) then you can CLICK on the song at the start of each chapter – How well thought out is that!

Not only did I love the main characters, there was a real sense of love with the secondary characters too, even though we didn’t see a lot of them, they were so vital in the understanding of the entire storyline that I thought it was so well thought out.

Archer’s quirkiness and emotional pulls at my heartstrings have made me a new stalker of her work.

I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in this funny, steamy, HEA romance.


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