First Kiss Review!!

First Kiss – Ann Marie Frohoff

Heart Rating – 4 out of 5!!

This book is the first in the Heavy Influence series. You can catch the prequel Skid Out in my earlier reviews on here!

I really enjoyed this book, even though it isn’t something that I’d normally go for. The dual POV is something I really enjoyed because I could look into the character’s thoughts and feelings directly.

Frohoff highlights so many concerns, obstacles and issues that teenagers have to deal with. It wasn’t that long ago that I was a teenager myself and having to make decisions around peer pressure, true friends and the boy I loved (and still do 😉 ).

There were points in the book that I could 100% relate to personally. Even when I couldn’t personally relate, Frohoff’s emotive descriptions drew me right into the way Jake and Alyssa felt at that time.

Alyssa for me, is a typical teenage girl who wants so much more from her adult life – but wants to have all the experience of a high school girl too. She just doesn’t want the negativity around her relationship with Jake.

The author really made it apparent that although Alyssa is sometimes a little immature, she also has such depth that makes me look forward to the next books when she is older and less interested in the high school experience.

Jake faces so many issues in this book and I loved how the author tackled these issues. Jake tries so hard to follow his heart and do what he feels is right – but I felt the frustration he had when things didn’t work out the way he’d hoped.

I won’t mention the issues faced within this book – cause y’know, spoilers haha.
I will say that I felt that this installment of the Heavy Influence series was really nicely written and I really loved Jake and how he tries so hard to make everything in his life balance out. I also liked Alyssa’s strength, but somehow I couldn’t let her relationships with others in the book slide.

There is no cheating in this book though!

As I said, this isn’t normally the type of book that I’d go for but the blurb sucked me in and I actually really enjoyed the story as a whole. I look forward to reading the other instalments to see how things pan out for these two beautifully disjointed couple, and keep my fingers crossed that the right time happens for them both.


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As ever, thanks so much for reading my reviews, and let me know what you thought of this book!

Dreamers, keep reading and tell the special someone’s how much you love them

E xx


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