Skid Out Review

Skid Out by Ann Marie Frohoff


Heart rating – 4 out of 5!!

Jake is on the path he’s always dreamed of. Making his band successful. So close, he can practically taste it. At the age of 18, he can’t wait to spread his wings in the music scene and bring his music to people.

Alyssa is 14 and cannot wait to begin her high school career. No longer will she be seen as a “kid” and finally will be able to experience a new level of maturity. A chance meeting between her next door neighbor-turned childhood friend, has her realizing that her age and social status isn’t the only thing that is changing.

Jake and Alyssa catch up on old times and as they start to wiggle their way back into the routine of their friendship, they soon realize it isn’t as simple as friendship. With obstacles like age, aspirations and other people in the way – will Jake and Alyssa be able to be more than friends?

This is a prequel to First Kiss. I love prequels because it really gives me a sense of who these characters are before their story becomes intertwined.

Jake is so sweet and humble, as well as driven and knows exactly what he wants from his music career. The internal conflict he feels over his strange new relationship with his ex-best friend’s little sister was almost tangible.

Alyssa is a typical 14-year-old girl, who cannot wait to see what the fuss is about on the high school scene and the feelings she has to try to cope with now that she realizes that boys aren’t appearing how they used to. Jake in particular.

The prequel eludes to how Jake and Alyssa become involved in each other’s lives again and how things have changed since the last time they connected. This is a lovely little first love story and I am almost finished First Kiss (where the story continues) and would recommend this to anyone who likes YA Romances or first love stories.

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RDL, Dreamers 

E xx


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