My First Review

My First – Melanie Shawn


Heart Rating – 4.5 out of 5!!

Katie is having to go home after 10 years for her best friend’s wedding. And she’s dreading it. Going home means facing everything she wanted to forget and leave behind. She fled after her boyfriend’s funeral 10 years ago and never turned back. Avoiding the truth she has always feared, will she learn to embrace the it this time?

Jason has only ever wanted one women. And she’s coming home. Sure he’s tried to date other women to get over his one and only love – but no-one compares to Katie. He will do his damnedest to make Katie his and have her face what they both know is the truth.


This beautiful HEA romance novel was such a delight to read. There were really complex and difficult emotions Katie had to go through and Melanie Shawn brought us along for the ride brilliantly. We felt the guilt, the joy, the sorrow and the fear that Katie felt. I love it when an author can do that.

It wasn’t just a simple description of her feelings, nor was it pages of dialect. I actually felt like I was Katie.

This novel did have Jason’s POV as well – which you guys know is my favourite type of novel. Jason was just so understanding of Katie. The things he does (and has always done) for Katie, literally made me *heart eyes*, because he was just so loving and put her first at all times.

Melanie was brilliant at creating two totally different characters, and it wasn’t like some authors, who can be different but their writing style doesn’t change between characters, I really felt like Jason was written by someone else. Which just shows how talented and diverse Melanie’s writing is.

I expected this novel to be a short, generic romance but it was so much more and I really loved it.

Between this (and Wait by AL Jackson), I was finally able to start getting over my book hangover from WITS ~ hehe

Find it here:

UK –


AND IT’S FREE right now =) Go! Go! Go!

Get in touch and read, dream love

E xx


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