Beauty & The Beast Review

Beauty and The Beast – K.M. Shea


Heart rating 4 out of 5!!

Forced to spend time with the one man she hates. Recipe for disaster. Elle hates Prince Severin with a passion. No wonder he is cursed; a beast in every sense of the word. One mistake compromises her entire mission and she literally landed in his life. Now Elle has to see Severin every day, complete her new mission and then she can go home to her family.

Severin has long since given up on finding a cure for the curse bestowed upon him and his dear servants. Angered when Elle lands in his life and angered further when his servants do all they can to make sure she stays in his life, Severin finds himself hoping for the impossible. Love.

This is a different take on the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast. I thought that Shea’s take was really refreshing and made the entire story seem magical all over again, just in a different way.

Elle is such a loveable character as she tries to stay tough for her family and complete her mission but is soon drawn in to friendships with the cursed members of the Chateaux, Severin included. The part of the story I enjoyed most was probably the fact that Elle’s ‘mission’ is a secret right until the very end – and when I thought I knew what it was, I was wrong! I love it when authors can make me think I’ve guessed their plot but they are so clever that they’ve fooled me, but don’t let on until the end. I think it makes for a WOAH! moment. I love those almost as much as warm fuzzies.

The only thing I’d have loved to have seen more of was the witty, funny banter between Elle and Severin. Banter is a Scottish word for good-natured teasing =) just in case you didn’t know what I was talking about!

I also loved the interpretation of love that Elle can relate to, this doesn’t come from Elle in the book, but a secondary character. But this is something Elle relates to and I found it such a beautifully true way of explaining true love.

Favourite Quote:

“It’s hard work. It’s putting the other person before yourself. It’s companionship and being able to trust and depend on each other. That theatrical true love everyone spouts about is really finding a partner who will go through the heartbreaks and joys of life with you.” – Heloise, location 2875/3880.

Although it is a story we all know well, I loved this take on it and found it a beautiful tale of true love that hurts just as much as it makes us happy.


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R, D and L every day, you awesome bunch!

E xx


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