Heart of the Hunter – Lara Adrian

Heart of the Hunter – Lara Adrian


Heart Rating – 5 out of 5!

Ariana must deliver her brother’s secret research (which she can make neither head nor tail of) to his captors across the channel in France if she wants to save his life.

Leaving her home in England, she heads to London to sail to France with a satchel of her brother’s papers. After being attacked and left alone in the dark streets of the unfamiliar town, an intimidating hero with a scar running down the left side of his face, saves her life.

Ariana must convince this stranger to take her to France when her original chauffer is revealed to be far less trustworthy than hoped.

Braedon has had enough of this dark life and aims to sail for sunnier climbs than London. After an ordeal nearly costing him his life almost 2 years ago, he travels alone. It’s safer that way. For everyone.

Upon saving the blond damsel in distress, he questions himself. He cares for no-one and nothing. Not anymore. Now, he is on the run because of the infuriatingly courageous, deceitful, beautiful woman and finds himself pulled back to the last place he ever thought he’d return.

Braedon believes that his scar, amongst other attributes, mean that he trusts no-one, can be accepted and loved by no-one. So, why does he feel himself telling Ariana his secrets?

This was a totally unexpected journey. I was seamlessly enticed into a world of magical possibilities and everything linked in together – I mean everything – and I was left hungry for the next book.

My favourite thing about this entire book was Adrian’s descriptions! This woman could make a brick sound enchanting.

Quote: “he wiped away a smattering of frost crystals from the diamond-cut panes of glass and let his gaze sweep the quiet harbor beyond.” Page 146

And that’s only one example!

This HEA will have you laughing, crying and falling hopelessly in love with Ariana and Braedon. Although there are more stories in the series, this is Ariana and Braedon’s story and whilst there is no cliff-hanger, I can’t wait to read more about the mystical, terrifyingly powerful Dragon Chalice quest this story centres around.

There are so many reasons I decided to rate this 5 out of 5 hearts. I simply fell in love with Ariana’s courage and although she is fiery, she does show fear and wasn’t a heroine who hid her emotions like a hard-ass. To me, that made her all the more real. Braedon’s challenges and background tugged my heartstrings but he was so amazingly strong to overcome his fears the way he did.

I do mean it when I say I felt EVERYTHING in this story. Every break of a heart, every stab of a knife, every cry for help, every tear shed and every smile and yes, you got it – I got the warm fuzzies!!

We all know how much of a sucker I am for the warm fuzzies 😉

This alternating POV will be an unexpected tale of bravery, family, love and souls. Please do yourself a favour and read it. Like, yesterday hehe 😀 and you have no excuse as it is currently FREE on Kindle =)

Here are the links:

UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Heart-Hunter-Dragon-Chalice-Book-ebook/dp/B007OMSHHU

USA – https://www.amazon.com/Heart-Hunter-Dragon-Chalice-Book-ebook/dp/B007OMSHHU

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Til next time,

Happy reading, dreaming and love every day

E xx


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