Forever & Ever #1 Review

Forever & Ever #1 – All I Want is You  

E.L. Todd

Heart Rating 5 out of 5!


So, I couldn’t wait til next week to review this for you guys – you need to know. Now.

E.L. Todd is probably my favourite author of all time. I haven’t read one of her books in a while as I don’t like to read more than one book at a time (I get confuzzled, haha). So when I got the chance to read and review this book I was thrilled.

Todd always has a way of linking her books together somehow and I absolutely LOVE that about her writing. It is so complex but everything fits together. I have no idea how she does it.

I can barely organise my thoughts, never mind a universe of amazing characters! I take my hat off to you E.L., truly.

So if you have read Forever & Always (Scarlett and Sean) then you will be chuffed to know that this series is linked too! Skye (Scar & Sean’s daughter) and Cayson are the best of friends and have been since they were knee-high to a grasshopper =)

Cayson is a well-mannered gentleman, with a big heart and would do anything for his family. The only problem in this tight-knit extended family is that Cayson is hopelessly in love with Skye and can’t take seeing her in her relationship with a total d-bag any more. The story is written in alternating points of view (ranging from Cayson to Skye and other characters towards the end… I’ll explain later) which I found brilliant because I love to know what is going on in their heads!

Skye is so headstrong and independent and one of my favourite things about her part of this story is the relationship she has with her parents. It is just so humbling and Todd has a way of pulling on your heartstrings and making you realise that your parents are really the foundation of who you are. It really made me appreciate how close I am with my own parents as I read about Skye’s closeness with her father especially.

The novel follows Cayson and Skye’s relationship progression, as well as the lengths we go to, in order to protect the people we love, even when they make us want to rip their faces off.

I expected the story to end at a HEA part, but I was pleasantly surprised when the point of view switched to two other prominent characters in the story – But don’t worry! We aren’t left hanging about Cayson and Skye =)

 Slade and Trinity have a hate-hate relationship. Although they would defend each other (because they are also part of this extended family, but not related in any way – not that kinda book! Haha) they absolutely cannot stand each other. One drunken night sees their frustrations end in a passionate embrace and their relationship evolves from being horrible to each other, to having to sneak around to keep their relationship under wraps. Slade has the persona of the tattooed bad boy and Trinity is portrayed as the total opposite, stickler for the rules in the library kinda gal. Only when they are together do they let their walls down fully and we see the relationship of something more than “just friends” emerge…

Again, Trinity and Slade (as well as Cayson) all have this fantastic relationship with their parents, but their fathers are the relationships which are focussed on. I honestly love it. Slade is able to talk to his dad about everything and there’s no judgement but he also doesn’t get away with anything. Trinity is a typical daddy’s girl but also sees her father as a friend, not just a parent. I loved this recurring theme right throughout the book because 1) it made me relate sooo much to the characters and 2) usually books will focus on the motherly love relationship but it was very refreshing to see the other side of the parent coin. Especially the lengths fathers will go to in order to protect their daughters.

Badass dads FTW!!

Throughout the novel there are so many different relationships focussed on, but it isn’t a messy story at all. What I love about E.L.’s style is that she pulls you right in the middle of the emotional state of the character. You don’t just empathise with them, you hurt with them, you smile with them, you cry with them. I was getting weird looks when I was outside eating lunch in town because I was frowning/smiling and laughing out loud too. I can honestly say I cannot wait to read #2 of the Forever & Ever series.

This book took me around 2.5 days to read (and I only got 4 hours sleep one night because I couldn’t put it down!), and I usually read a book each day or so. I receieved a copy of this from E.L. in exchange for an honest review. This wasn’t a short story by any means, but I felt it ended on a really good spot. No cliff hanger, but certainly left me wanting more.

Favourite Quote

“My dad was my dad, he always would be, but he was also my friend” – Trinity

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Have you read anything by E.L.? or have you read this too?

What did you think?

Get in touch!

Happy readin’, dreamin’ & love every day =)

Elunabelle xx


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