The Escort Review

The Escort – Ramona Gray

Rating – 4.0


Twins Court and Cal are identical – in looks but their jobs couldn’t be more different. Cal is an escort and asks his brother the ultimate favor – to stand in for him and meet Julie on the initial meeting as he is busy. Court is reluctant as he hates his brothers job and tries not to think about it. After being reassured that the initial meeting involves nothing more than a chat in a coffee shop, Court agrees to save Cal’s butt. One last time.

As an insecure, naive, 30-year-old virgin, Julie wants to have the confidence to find her Mr Right and hates that she is still hasn’t taken that leap into womanhood. She feels that this puts her even further at the bottom of the desirable league. After being convinced by a friend that this would be the easiest way to disintegrate her V-Card, Julie decides to meet with “Cal” from the escort agency to see if she thinks she can go through with it.

When we first meet Julie, she is so insecure my heart hurt for her. She wants so badly to have her happy every after and knows that her crazy plan to lose her virginity includes not falling in love with her escort.

Court instantly feels attracted to Julie but hates the idea of her paying someone to take the gift of her virginity. Court wants to see if he can convince her to change her mind.

I really enjoyed this book because Court is such a good soul. He truly cares about Julie and making her feel special from the word go. Julie was a real woman with real curves and real insecurities. I think this made it much easier to relate to her situation. I loved that this story turned deceit, embarrassment and despair into hope, trust and love.

I was also left feeling a little sorry for Cal. He is just a guy trying to make the best of a crappy situation and it seems that he never gets a break.

It is quite difficult to review this book without giving the plot points away! Haha

I would say that this book left me with the warm fuzzies for sure. The only reasons I wouldn’t give it a 5 or even a 4.5, was purely because of the predictability factor in the story. I always like to see if the author can twist my expectations on how the HEA will be reached and this book followed my expectations pretty closely. However, that’s a really personal thing and just because it was a tad predictable, it didn’t mean I wasn’t engrossed.

That being said! How Julie discovered the difference between Court and Cal was NOT at all what I was expecting hehe!

This book was also written in alternating points of view – which I felt suited this book to a T. It was so interesting to have Court’s point of view at certain points of the story. I also felt that Court’s parts in the storyline weren’t just to answer Julie’s thoughts – they were actually letting us see into Court’s soul and I enjoyed reading his parts more than Julie’s for the most part.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, it was waaay more tasteful than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

It’s FREE at the moment!

Have you read this book too? Let me know what you think of my review – Do you agree/disagree with my interpretations? Get in touch!

Happy readin’, dreamin’ & love every day

Elunabelle xx

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